Why should you become a Hempel Pioneer?

    Designed to prepare talented graduates for leadership positions within Hempel, the Pioneer Programme gives you the chance to develop your skills and leadership potential in a growing international company.

    At Hempel, we’re constantly looking for our next lighthouse leaders, key individuals with the passion, skills and expertise to drive the future growth of our company. An 17-month programme, Hempel Pioneer will help you prepare for a leadership position in our company – and an exciting global career.

    As a Hempel Pioneer, you get a deep understanding of our business, our values and our way of leading people. You also get to experience life and business in another country during a six-month job rotation to one of our regions or our corporate headquarters in Denmark. Your intensive on-the-job experiences are combined with training, personal development and mentoring from a senior manager – to help you become the best you can be.

    Seven good reasons to become a Hempel Pioneer

    1 - Accelerate your leadership potential
    We have high ambitions for our Pioneers – and so should you. Become a Hempel Pioneer, and you should take on your first leadership position 3-5 years after your graduation from Pioneer.

    2 - Kick-start your global career
    With a six-month work placement at one of our offices abroad, you get to experience life in another culture and broaden your international work experience.

    3 - Benefit from executive mentoring
    With a senior Hempel executive as your mentor, you get to build relationships and learn from the best.

    4 - Develop your skills
    Through tailored Pioneer training modules, you will learn about our global business and strategic focus, while developing your project management and leadership skills.

    5 - Build a global network
    At Hempel, you will collaborate across global teams nearly every day. You will build a strong network with your fellow Pioneers and work with our senior management team.

    6 - Tailored personal development
    The Pioneer programme is tailored to your unique skills, capabilities and ambitions. By giving and receiving constant feedback, you ensure your development and job assignments remain relevant throughout the programme.

    7 - Challenge yourself to improve
    Through exciting work tasks and projects, you will stretch your skills and accelerate your development.

    Do you have what it takes?

    If you have clear leadership aspirations, are keen to ‘fast track’ your development and want an exciting global career, the Pioneer Programme is for you.

    Who are you?

    Our Pioneer Programme is designed to help us develop future lighthouse leaders and global project managers. Therefore, we’re looking for graduates who want to take a leading role in a global and multicultural company with an ambitious growth strategy.

    You have graduated with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree within the last two years or will graduate from university or business school no later than 1 September. You may also have previous work experience, such as a student job, voluntary work, internship or part-time work in any sector.

    Most importantly, you’re ambitious and possess the drive to become a future leader. You’re motivated by making a difference – and by making other people shine. You have a collaborative and inclusive mindset, and are eager to build strong relationships across a global organisation.

    Frequently asked questions

    ● What formal qualifications do I need?
    You should hold a Master's or Bachelor's degree – or be about to graduate from university or business school. Please check which qualifications are relevant for the Pioneer position you want to apply for.

    ● When do I start?
    You will start between 1 July and 1 September, depending on the Pioneer position.

    ● Do I need to have finished my degree?
    You don’t need to have finished your degree before you apply, but you need to have finished before your first working day.

    ● What language should I write my application in?
    Your application, CV and exam papers must be submitted in English.

    ● What training will I receive during the programme?
    You will receive targeted training in our business and strategy, in project management and our Leading at Hempel principles. You will also learn on the job, solving real business challenges in collaboration with your colleagues and fellow Pioneer graduates.

    ● How about my personal and professional development?
    You will receive regular coaching and feedback from your managers. Besides, you will also be assigned a senior executive mentor.

    ● Where will I spend my six-month job rotation?
    Pioneers hired in one of our regions will complete their rotation at our headquarters in Denmark. The rotation locations for Pioneers based in Denmark can be seen under each position.

    ● What will I earn during the graduate programme?
    You will be paid a competitive salary in accordance with local standards. During the six-month job rotation, accommodation will be provided for you.

    ● What will happen after I graduate from the Pioneer Programme?
    We invest in your development during the Pioneer programme because we want you to continue your career with us! We will keep on accelerating your readiness towards future senior leadership roles by offering you an attractive position after you have completed your Pioneer journey.

    Are you ready to be a Pioneer?

    Expired pioneer positions:

    Global Graduate Programme – Finance
    Manama (BH), Application due: Expired 7/12/2019
    Shanghai (CN), Application due: Expired 31/01/2020
    Conroe, Texas (US), Application due: 15/02/2020

    Global Graduate Programme – Commercial Excellence
    Manama (BH), Application due: Expired 7/12/2019

    Global Graduate Programme - Global Key Account Manager
    Athens (GR), Application due: Expired 16/02/2020

    Global Graduate Programmes – Marketing
    Pilar, Buenos Aires (AR), Application due: Expired 07/02/2020
    Conroe, Texas (US), Application due: Expired 15/02/2020
    Conroe, Texas (US), Application due: Expired 31/03/2020

    Global Graduate Programme – Sales Excellence

    Bekasi (ID), Application due: Expired 29/02/2020

    Global Graduate Programme - Financial Business Partner
    Lyngby, Copenhagen (DK), Application due: Expired 15/03/2020

    Global Graduate Programme - Health, Safety & Risk Project Manager
    Lyngby, Copenhagen (DK), Application due: Expired 15/03/2020

    Global Graduate Programme - Project Manager in Customer Care
    Lyngby, Copenhagen (DK), Application due: Expired 15/03/2020

    Global Graduate Programme – Communication
    Lyngby, Copenhagen (DK), Application due: Expired 15/03/2020

    Global Graduate Programmes - Financial Compliance

    Lyngby, Copenhagen (DK), Application due: Expired 15/03/2020

    Global Graduate Programmes - Supply Chain
    Singapore (SG), Application due: Expired 20/03/2020

    Global Graduate Programmes – Finance

    Conroe, Texas (US), Application due: 15/02/2020
    Find out more

    Global Graduate Programmes – Finance

    Conroe, Texas (US), Application due: 15/02/2020
    Find out more

    Global Graduate Programme – Commercial Excellence
    Manama (BH), Application due: Expired 7/12/2

    Global Graduate Programmes - Financial Compliance

    Lyngby, Copenhagen (DK), Application due: 15/03/2020
    Find out more

    Global Graduate Programmes - Financial Compliance

    Lyngby, Copenhagen (DK), Application due: Expired 15/03/2020

    Global Graduate Programmes - Financial Compliance

    Lyngby, Copenhagen (DK), Application due: Expired 15/03/2020

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